She will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. (Psalm 112:7)


Do you ever think about me

Do you ever cry yourself to sleep?

In the middle of the night when you awake

Are you calling out for me?

Do you ever reminisce?

I can't believe I'm acting like this

I Know it's crazy how I still can feel your kiss


It's been 6 months 8 days 12 hours since u went away

I miss you so much and I don't know what to say

I should be over you I should know better but its just not the case.

It's been 6 months, 8 days, 12 hours since you went away

Do you ever ask about me?

Do your friends still tell u what to do ?

Every time the phone rings

Do you wish it was me calling you?

Do you still feel the same?

Or has time put out the flame?

I miss you

Is everything OK?


It's hard enough just passing the time

When I can't seem to get you off my mind

And where is the good in goodbye?

Tell me why, Tell me why


Sing it for me


Dominique said...

teen, linknya nieh
nyanyi 6 8 12 yg plg bgz
kalo mnurut gw

teeteen said...

males bk youtube.. lemodh..

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