She will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. (Psalm 112:7)

6 things that make me happy..

hm.. a few days ago.. my friend asked me to make a list.. of 6 things that make me happy..
the title is written in English.. so, i'll make it in English too.. why not?
practice makes perfect.. let's start with the first one..

. I know I am loved.. =) I know HE loves me.. my Heavenly Father.. my BestFriend.. I know HE will never ever leave me alone.. that's why I have one reason to makes me feel happy, eventhough all seems hard and tough..

2. 1 scoop or more Chocolate Chip Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.. Oh my!! really really nyummy~ slurrrrppp.. never try this flavor? what a pity guys! you have try.. and I bet you will addict with it..
3. my beloved family~ (beloved??) sometimes they're really annoying.. but I have to give thanks I'm still have a family, right? some people out there have no one..
4. my beloved (best)friends~ without them, never thought what kind of life that I had.. love you all sooooo much.. let me mention their names not in an order..
melka, vania, liphie, jecky, tepanye, yelia, hanna, yola, lidia, vivin, manda, oke, agnezz, ieqha, cipao, nyebol, nyu", one, weHa, jeDo, finda, maria 'the GLO', tata, feliz, ketek, dewi, windy, chaty, ruby, nenek, adi, cone, apen, bobby, kingkong, ferdi, jerapah, abonk, etc,, (sorry guys~ i'm forgot..)
all my classmates.. from primary till senior high school.. thanks for all you've done for meee..


birthday greeting from my junior high school's friend..

birthday greeting from ieqha, agnes, vania, and abonk.. you know what they gave to me as a birthday present?? abe toner!! something use for make ur stomach slim.. huu~ and i've never use that.. it's really hurt than doing normal sit up..

a letter from ieQha when i cried st school..

5. Shopping~ with lot of money in my wallet of course,, =p shopping is girl's bestfriend, isn't it??
6. eating~ please don't laugh! but it's really works.. when u get mad, or sad, or something mellow mood, eat! and all things gonna be better,, but please don't make it as a habbit.. =D


-V- said...

Setuju teen ma yg terakhir wkwkwkwk

teeteen said...

eating yaahh?

Melca-cha ^ 0 ^ said...

titin . . huaaa..
da liad. . sep daghhhh ..
: p

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