She will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. (Psalm 112:7)


......... and i'm officially Christine Natalia S.Ikom! HAHAHA :D how time flies, uh? Kayaknya baru waktu itu jadi mahasiswi baru, masih norak-noraknya nenteng ID di leher dari rumah sampe kampus, eh sekarang udah lulus ajeh cyin.. This post contains mm.. few photos. Gapapa kan yah? :p

 thank you for the flower dearest fa karawaci, and that cute doll, from a sister of my friend. <3 i="">

Geng semasa kuliah, can't imagine college life without them 

Bersama dosen pembimbing paling kece dan teman paling nyebelin serta senior paling mm.. paling apa ya dia? :p Blessed having dospem kayak doi, yang meskipun nyebelin suka ngebully but i know he cares sama murid-muridnya. :")

Can't make it till graduated without support from them..

Thank you for coming and brought me sweet flowers dearest girls..

Seriously, what would life be without (best)friends?

and for those yang masih sekolah, masih kuliah, enjoy it to the fullest. Serius nih, petuah dari senior.. because in a very short time, tiba-tiba udah lulus aja and you're definitely will miss those moments. Proud to be part of STIKOM LSPR, kampus yang gak cuma jadi tempat belajar, tapi tempat untuk have fun bareng, gak cuma ke sesama temen, tapi sama dosen juga. Proud to say, i've met some lecturer yang gak cuma ngajar, but also touch hearts.


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I write because He is exist. I write because His Grace manifested in my life. I write so one day when I lack of Hope and Faith I can reread all His goodness and mercy that ever happened in my life and my Faith will rise up, in Christ alone.