She will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. (Psalm 112:7)

Sacred Singleness.

Woh woh woh judulnya agak hm, horor ya cyin?

I just finished read this book, Sacred Singleness by Leslie Ludy. Beli buku ini secara gak sengaja dan dalam sekejap mata tanpa mikir langsung bawa ke kasir, and that's one of best book i've read. Seriously, mungkin karena memang juga sesuai dengan resolusi gwe di tahun 2014 kali ya.. one step closer to a woman in Proverbs 31. I encourage those who are woman to buy this, whether you're single or not, just read it, and you will get something...

Banyak banget kalimat di buku ini yang gwe highlights, it's so many till i can't rewrite here.. I will rewrite one paragraph here.. begini bunyinya..

Can you trust God enough to wait for His direction, His timing and His best? Can you yield to His design and allow the man He has chosen for you to take the lead, be the pursuer and be the one to win your heart? Do you believe that God is more than capable of awakening a man's heart toward you when the time is right? Can you wait for your Isaac instead of rushing ahead and creating an Ishmael?

If you aren't willing right now, ask God's Spirit to transform your attitude and make you willing. It's a prayer He delights to answer. Don't chase after available men. Humble ourselves, watch, pray, listen and obey. And then sit back in wonder as God does His amazing work.

Mungkin inti dari point ini agak biasa dan memang kita pernah denger berkali-kali, tapi it's just different kalau mm mungkin, yang baca lagi di posisi yang sama. *eh* Di buku ini gak cuma dibilangin, He is the One who writes your love story and you just have to wait and see, tapi deeper than that, bahkan di buku ini ditantangin untuk give your desire to have a spouse in His hands.... Beh, sensasi baca buku ini ngeri ngeri seru deh.. Pas baca gwe kayak wondering sendiri, what if Tuhan beneran, 'oke nak, i will take your desire dan you're gonna probably marry at older age or not at all...' Serem kan... :|

But back then, my eyen opened a bit wider, buku ini gak ngebahas cuma tentang relationship, tapi tentang para woman yang bekerja keras untuk Tuhan di momen singleness mereka, which is yang artinya, missionary! WOOOH.. i'm used to be that typical girl yang kalau denger kata 'misionaris' rasanya WOOOH BERAT BANGET COY! But, i used to. Abis baca ini... seriously, jadi pengen loh! Ampe googling berbagai link yang dikasih Leslie Ludy di bukunya tentang missionary. I felt super excited tapi tetap ngerasa belom waktuNya Tuhan gwe dibawa mission begituan.. hahaha.. So, just let's see years ahead, kira-kira beneran dibawa Tuhan jadi misionaris gak ya? HAHAHASEREMHAHAHA :D

So yeah... buru gih ke toko buku dan beli bukunya!


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