She will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. (Psalm 112:7)

The worth of yours.

it's not related to whom you date.
it's not related to who your parents are.
it's not related to what you wear.
it's not related to where you went or go.
again, it's not related to how much you have dated.

note this.

Sometimes we feel unworthy seeing friends we have, got boyfriend, got girlfriend, while we don't have any.
Sometimes we feel unworthy seeing our parents divorce.
Sometimes we feel unworthy seeing our friends wear branded bags, branded clothes.
Sometimes we feel unworthy seeing our friends go abroad easily, around the world, and we haven't been anywhere.

Sometimes we feel unworthy by the earthly things, while actually our worth based only what only our Maker said. Our worth based only what Christ said about us.

and if you tonight forget the truth, let me remind you, you are loved, you are beautifully made, you are wonderfully hand-made, you are precious, and never let people (even yourself) judge your worth by the clothes you put on, by the transportation you use, by either-you-have-or-not boyfriend :)))

Christ has set you the highest price that nothing in this world could ever set your worth.


Shanez said...

ini juga sukaa <3
keep being a blessing for many..
using ur gift, sharing ur life story & processes like thisss! :D

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