She will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. (Psalm 112:7)

The disbelief.

Your disbelief menutup pintu Surga untuk kamu. This sentence came out from a preacher di retreat khusus wanita beberapa hari lalu yang gwe ikutin (untuk point-point lain yang gwe dapet, i'll post later), but now i'm gonna post this.

Ketidakpercayaan Anda membuat surga tertutup bagi Anda. Then i suddenly remembered one of the best movie ever, Narnia. For those who watch it, inget gak sih Narnia pertama, the only way to enter dunia Narnia yang ada dalam lemari itu cuma satu, believe. When first Lucy believed, dia dengan mudahnya keluar masuk Narnia while her older siblings gak bisa masuk karena mereka gak percaya. 

It looks like what the preacher said, ketika kita gak percaya sama Tuhan, ya jelaslah surga tertutup, wong kita gak percaya. How can something has power if we don't even believe in it. 

Beralih ke Narnia (berapa ya gwe lupa), yang cuplikan filmnya ada di gambar diatas. When Lucy grows older, banyak obstacles yang membuat dia dan saudaranya (yang akhirnya percaya Narnia) 'lupa' dan bahkan 'gak percaya' lagi sama Narnia dan si singa, Aslan itu. Then those words that came out from Aslan agak mengetuk hati sih..

I knew it was you the whole time, I knew it..
But the others didn't believe in me..
And why would that stop you from coming to me?

Jleb. Yes, first, do you really believe in Him? When you do, it means you believe in all His plans, A-L-L. When you do, it means you believe in all the ups and downs you're facing, you believe. And the most important when you grow 'older', when your surroundings doubt you, when they doubt Him, when everything seems doubting, will you still chase after Him? Or those things stop you from chasing Him?


Oh ya dan satu hal lagi, retreat ini happened through literature ministry only.. Most of the girls yang dateng cuma tau dari blognya si ini, blognya si itu, and mostly kesaksian yang mereka ceritain started from 'iya nih, pas aku lagi down/broken hearted, dll, terus aku baca blognya si ini, si itu terus kayak merasa diberkati dan blablablabla'. What i got is.... Keren banget efek dari media satu ini.. So for you who write, come on... Kita gak akan tau how God uses you to be a blessing for much people by your writings :") Keep write, keep share the goodness of the Lord <3 ahey="" p="">
ps: banyak hal yang i got from RetreatPearl.. gonna post those things later. I post this one because randomly pas Ko Gideon (the preacher) kotbah itu, gwe keingetnya langsung Narnia, terus pas buka tumblr malemnya, found this picture that shows all.


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